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Welcome to AcrossLETS, ..

.. the cross-regional barter community!

AcrossLETS is a community of people, who barter services and goods among each other. This way, we are actively helping each other.

AcrossLETS provides a platform for advertisements across different LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) communities for cross-regional barter. For example, this can be used for accommodations in remote cities, ride sharing and much more.

This is reflected in the name AcrossLETS, i. e. bartering across the boundaries of indiviual Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS).

Participants can choose, whether the bartered services are to be settled in Crossy (this is the clearing unit of AcrossLETS) or in the clearing unit of their home LETS.

The market rules implemented by AcrossLETS go beyond the usual mechanisms of LETS in an innovative fashion. For example, the market rules

  • hinder unwanted and uncontrolled increase of the circulating clearing units cause by quitting members with negativ account balances
  • reduce hording of clearing units
  • implement a LETS-based system for old-age pensions
  • make LETS revisible for the participants, especially in respect of the circulating amount of clearing units

If you want to participate in AcrossLETS, you can apply for membership here.

We Barter Without Money, Because it is too Scarce!

The established monetary system, by means of its interest mechanism and other factors, causes a steady redistribution of capital from "bottom" to "top". In result a growing amount of wealth is accumulating in the hands of few persons and organisations, whereas the majority of people is slowly sinking into poverty.

Therefore, money is too scarce where it is needed most: As a facilitator of services exchange from man to man. For example, many work seekers can't find purchasers of their skills, because those who need such service simply don't have enough purchasing power to afford it. Actually, just an appropriate medium of exchange is needed to reflate giving and taking at the "bottom", thus allowing everybody to prosper.

This gap is increasingly filled by barter communities which operate in accordance with the LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) principle. LETS participants barter goods and services in exchange for a limited amount of self-created clearing units (sometimes called "community currencies"). These clearing units help maintaining a balance of giving and taking as well as stimulating neighbourly help.

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